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GONG (UK) • band with multiple incarnations and a red thread that never failed: its extraordinary music
IO EARTH (UK) • the art of fusing genres to an ultimate goal: melody and feeling
ARTÚS (FR) • From traditional sound roots, an audacious and heroic work
THE NARCOTIC DAFFODILS (BE) • psychedelic in its gestation, communicative by essence
FOCUS (NL) • tireless when it comes to making the flute sing or moan the Hammond 
RICHARD PINHAS (FR) • one of the few guitarists supporting the comparison with Robert FRIPP
THE WRONG OBJECT (BE) • pushes the contemporary hybrid boundaries of Progressive Rock and Jazz
THE GREEN VIOLINIST (BE)... • one of those projects that moves the one who comes up


« Rhââ Progly » (Luc DESROUSSEAUX) • as a tribute to Marcel GOTLIB, seminal author in the comics’ world
« Electro Rock 70 » (Eric DESHAYES) • electronics in Rock in France and Germany in the '70s
« Les Sonorités Du Rock Progressif » (Romain RIOBOO) • the search of new ways of expressing emotions
« Pourquoi Je N’aime Pas Le Rock Progressif » (Jacques DE PIERPONT) • hat should make us react

Le Rock Progressif et la BD » • exposition
Interviews, booths


Vendredi 21/04/2017 • Centre Culturel de Braine-le-Comte :
film « Genesis: Sum Of The Parts » (+ Marc YSAYE) • l the exceptional dynamics that guided the destiny of Genesis




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