Festival 2016


Caravan (UK) @ Festival prog-résiste

Master of a style which he shapes in parallel with Soft Machine and responsible for fundamental recordings (In The Land Of Grey And Pink…), CARAVAN bounced back, since its creation in 1968 in Canterbury, at each stage of an extraordinary career.

Seven Impale (NO) @ Festival Prog-Résiste

Bathed by the current trends, SEVEN IMPALE deviates from stereotypes and reinvents become hackneyed codes. It comes from Bergen - the city with umbrellas vending machines - and perfectly integrated the contributions of Van Der Graaf Generator and King Crimson.

Floyd Chamber Concerto (FR) @ Festival Prog-Résiste

This project, carried by an absolute connoisseur of the group, orchestrates the unprecedented meeting between Pink Floyd - the Gilmoured improvised interventions on electric guitar - and contemporary writing, minimalist as much as inspired, for acoustic instruments.

The Abelians (BE) @ Festival Prog-Résiste

With a first very noticed production, THE ABELIANS propels lyrical inspiration (its opera soprano singer) and the flourishing instrumentarium of its baroque compositions far beyond what an early work gives to hope for. Ruffling.

Harold and the Royce (BE) @ Festival Prog-résiste

Its taste for fusion of genres - it borders Marc Moulin or Miles Davis -, for refined and heady atmospheres, will whet your appetite - at the aperitif hour.

Harold and the Royce-Glances

Le Orme (IT) @ Festival Prog-résiste

One dreamed of hearing Felona E Sorona, but with a repertoire fully devoted not to one, but to its three best albums, the Italian Emerson, Lake & Palmer will play with the power and conviction of those who built the history of Rock Progressivo Italiano.

Gens de la lune (FR) @ Festival Prog-Résiste 

These damned funambulists return to the roots of a music steeped in legends. Instilling drive and move. Evoking the worst and enjoy life. When it comes to arouse emotion, GENS DE LA LUNE galvanizes its audience and floods it with an inexhaustible vitality.

Moaning Cities (UK) @ Festival Prog-résiste

They instantaneously captured this combination full of breath, made of Western and Eastern tones (lumpy guitar, Blues roots, psychedelic sitar), which oscillates from The Doors to Black Angels, from Silver Apples to Dead Meadow.

Alain Pire Experience (BE) @ Festival Prog-résiste

This tough trio of old hands at music recycles psychedelic references with skill and sensitivity. And if this sound, so British and '60s that we constantly think BeatlesBarrett or Pretty Things, does not swallow us up, it’s only because LSD is no longer legal for ages.

Breakdown Salvation (BE) @ Festival Prog-Résiste

With references like Dream Theater or System of a Down, BREAKDOWN SALVATION nourishes its freshness and its accuracy to sources of character.